About Image Plugin

Mandrill baboon image often used for test data in image processing experiments.

The image plugin renders an image with a caption in a half-width frame. Double-clicking the image to enlarge it. Double-clicking the caption to edit it like a paragraph.

Enter an empty caption to delete the image.

Drop an image onto the Factory to create an image plugin.

Sizing and Editing

We don't yet size or edit images.

We recommend sizing images to a width of around 400px before including them in wiki.

We recommend saving images as highly compressed jpeg format before including them in wiki.

We encode images in data-url format which can delay the loading and display of images. It is possible to revise the json url field for an image to include an image src link. This works more as expected for web pages but breaks some of the sharing semantics expected of federated wiki.

We recommend adding images to a scratch page, revising the caption until satisfied, then dragging the image to its desired location.