Earth Visualisations

Here we explore visualisations which we originally designed for the SPACE Network and Earth Day.

Icosahedrons as iconic elements for an epistemic interface -


# Sketches There are a bunch of sketches here that show some of the thinking with regard to evolving entities and how we visualise them in epistemic dialogue.

Ward has recently taken this geometry and implemented it using three.js. We consider using this in our web visualisations. Like a virus, me imagine particle swarms that allow us to zoom in and out quickly in terms of massive scale, yet each atom is a particle with meaning in context.

Here we can see the sketch of the cartesian icosoahedron to the visualisation of an EV in order to wrap glitch videos and perspective -

This is how the overall map of media elements were originally intended to be combined into an icosahedron which can unwrap, and assemble, and swarm.

Here we can see how icosohedra (when flattened, are able to Tessellate.

Map of EVs and how they relate to various interface (2d and 3D) elements -

Flexible Sketches and Inflexible Data Bases: Visual Communication, Conscription Devices, and Boundary Objects in Design Engineering by Kathryn Henderson, 1991 -

This is an image -

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