Emergent Mapping

Here we describe an early experiment for group work using geographical and conceptual maps that I ran with architectural and interior design students from the University of Kentucky (around 2008).

# Emergent folksonomy mapping We used user defined keywords attached to photographs the students took during their summer tour of Europe.

- We uploaded the photos to Flickr, and tagged them. - We wrote code to import these tags and images and create a graphviz diagram - We workshopped the diagram in groups - We clustered the keywords - We hand clustered the keywords - We generated a 3D graph using graphviz

# Geographical Mapping Our challenge was to create an embassy for Istanbul, based on a real site.

We set each student to create a brief for the embassy and extracted keywords from these attaching them to the physical locations in Istanbul, and Turkey more generally.

We use synonyms for WordNet and then a group work process to link the site-specific folksonomy to the previous photographic conceptual folksonomy.

# Google Earth

We imported the 3D graphviz diagram using translucent boxes t map the clusters. And placed the photographs within the 3d boxes.

We tethered these 3D boxes to the ground using the keywords from the geographical mapping.

We then explored the 3D space in Google earth and used these to inform the final 3D student models of the building they created for their final year projects.

# Documentation

> Note: I have some of the original KML files, but no video I think. Images may still be in Flickr. But some images here to illustrate the story would be good.