An __EPIC__ here is a form of interactive story or performance. More accurately an EPIC is an interactive meta-narrative - that is a set of stories woven together, or linked together so that they can interact or be placed in formal dialogue with each other.

# Composition

An __EPIC__ is constructed out of parts. It is formed out of evolving performances or productions that we call EPs for short.

# Performance

We can picture this as a new form of theatre, a new cinema that we are building. Like a machine, but a decentralised machine, we can picture these "record players" - buildings or theatres which audiences come to, to take part in the show.

These new theatres are community centres, and art spaces, perhaps living rooms, in which assemblages of human and non-human actors come together to perform, to celebrate - you could say vote, or meditate.

Keep in mind that this is an entirely new form of "entertainment" so none of our current terms will satisfy. Some times we have called these events happenings, in medieval times they were called something else. They were always revolutionary. Often banned.