An Evolving Video is composed of a group of video glitches, arranged in a certain order which provides its context.

An audiovisual correspondent to experiments in non-linear narrative like the structure in The Atrocity Exhibition by J. G. Ballard.

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In this exhibition, each chapter or story is split up into smaller sections, some of them labelled by part of a continuing sentence; Ballard has called these sections Condensed novels.

There is no clear beginning or end to the book, and it does not follow any of the conventional novelistic standards: the protagonist (such as he is) changes name with each chapter or story (Talbert, Traven, Travis, Talbot, etc.), just as his role and his visions of the world around him seem to change constantly.

In this same way when a different author rearranges an EV's structure, it will then change its __Perspective__.