Frame Talk

I'm looking to explore how the about frame plugin talks to external html pages via javascript. It's about time we did some experiments.

We can't yet read from wiki, which limits what we can do in terms of integration. This is something we hope to address in a future Wiki Hack. 600 HackMD

Our aim here is to build an outpost strategy around Frames and wasm.

Some fun infinite recursion: HEIGHT 400 Feedback

- - -!/small-wiki-pages?

- http://localhost:4444/#/

The Frame plugin offers several hooks for authors interested in extending the behavior of federated wiki. JavaScript programs in the framed content can use the postMessage() protocol to tell the wiki client to follow a collaborative link, create a ghost page, or import pages into the hosting wiki.

Use the frame plugin to display external web pages in wiki.

Javascript in a framed asset can no longer alter the DOM of the hosting page; here our asset attempts to add a green border around the frame. Because the frame is sandboxed, the browser will enforce security limits.

We have released a new version of the Frame plugin (v0.3.0) which allows framed content to interact with the hosting wiki in interesting ways.

Collecting notes about using the new frame plugin.

Create repeatable way to update an index of local sites.

Experimenting with a revised graphviz-viewer. Based on hpcc-systems/hpcc-js-wasm. UPDATE: Paul has updated the graphviz plugin to use this library. PR #10 hpcc-systems/hpcc-js-wasm

Norm Hardy gave the Keynote at OCAP 17 page