HTML5 Slide Creation

Presenters speakers, and authors wishing to make more conventional linear presentations from wiki should be able to do so with relative ease.

# How

Luckily it seems that HackMD has taken the same approach that we've been developing for doing presentations from wiki. That is using the simple markdown syntax for reveal.js to enable slide presentation creation.

# Using the API we can create an wiki-form that contains te relevant json data needed to create a slide-show:


# HackMD slide-mode Within a HackMD page the same data can be presented as markdown in HackMD slide-mode. 1. Copy the lineUp url into a form on our HackMd page 1. A custom view of our hosted HackMD page

# SlideShow Plugin A fedwiki author arranges a number of pages in a lineUp. The author can then use this arrangement to create a slide show from the ordered line-up by: 1. Clicking on a wiki-form 1. Drop the line-up url onto a fedwiki transport 1. Interacting with a wiki Authoring Tool Dialogue Within wiki a ghost-page can be returned (or a green export dialogue-page) that shows the created/to-be-created presentation in a new About SlideShow Plugin.