Load external SVG

Displaying an svg is not as simple as it should be (unless it is embedded in the HTML). The recommended way is to use the `<object>` tag. This article show a way to use javascript to load external svg files into a page which has a number of advantages: - Load external SVG - css-tricks.com

http://rough.visualjam.org/assets/gv.html HEIGHT 600 Here we see a number of external files loaded using https and http. Digging into this file shows how setting width sometimes works, and other times is over-ridden by the svg - full screen

- http://livecode.world/assets/graph/hierarchical.svg

This uses a library called svg-loader, which fetches the SVG files via XHR and loads them as inline elements, allowing you to customize the properties like fill and stroke, just like inline SVGs - css-tricks.com