MountainStorm is a jQuery plugin to make Graphviz SVG output more interactive and easier to navigate. Have a look at the demo - rawgit

- MountainStorm on github

# Examples HEIGHT 300 An interactive svg exported from graphviz. See in full screen

MountainStorm makes it easy to have features like: - Highlight nodes/edges - Zoom in/out - Graph navigation - select linked nodes - Fancy UI tooltips; bootstrap supported out the box - Move things forward/back in the graph HEIGHT 300 This graph was rendered from dot, then processed using svg2rough.js. The interactivity remains effective.

This approach has a number of advantages. It enables us to use the power of graphviz, and other programming languages that understand the dot language to create graphs in wiki.

We can store the dot language, or use our own simplified DSL in order to create the dot format, and then store the resulting SVG.

In turn this svg can be brought into an illustration program that understands svg and modified by hand before returning it to wiki.

Finally MountainStorm can make the resulting svg interactive, and our DSL could simplify the interaction with wiki (opening wiki pages for instance).