Obeya Room

The main focus at this stage of my writing is on writing with strangers, that is the act of writing together with aspects of yourself or the other. We start with providing better views of activity.

An __Obeya Room__ is a space within which several people can meet and deliberate and make decisions. The space may be physical or virtual, and ideally integrates the benefit of both.

In an Obeya room the space, and the ability of the space to bring together diverse sources of information and external stakeholders into the deliberations.

# History An Obeya Room has the following historical influences and precedents: 1. Control Room 1. Project Cybersyn 1. Industrial Obeya Room

# Community Obeya Room

We are designing a new application for these well researched and tested practices. We are looking to integrate these tools into the process of local community development. We research and design together in wiki what this Community Obeya Room may look like.

# Format 1. Line of sight 1. Freedom of Experimentation 1. Bringing the learning back. (knowledge back to the system)