Reveal.js JavaScript API

Reveal.js has an extensive javascript api. This would allow wiki, or outpost based frames to control the slide show.

// Navigation Reveal.slide( indexh, indexv, indexf ); Reveal.left(); Reveal.right(); Reveal.up(); Reveal.down(); Reveal.prev();; Reveal.prevFragment(); Reveal.nextFragment(); // Toggle presentation states, optionally pass true/false to force on/off Reveal.toggleOverview(); Reveal.togglePause(); Reveal.toggleAutoSlide(); // Change a config value at runtime Reveal.configure({ controls: true }); // Returns the present configuration options Reveal.getConfig(); // Fetch the current scale of the presentation Reveal.getScale(); // Retrieves the previous and current slide elements Reveal.getPreviousSlide(); Reveal.getCurrentSlide(); Reveal.getIndices(); // { h: 0, v: 0 } } Reveal.getProgress(); // 0-1 Reveal.getTotalSlides(); // Returns the speaker notes for the current slide Reveal.getSlideNotes(); // State checks Reveal.isFirstSlide(); Reveal.isLastSlide(); Reveal.isOverview(); Reveal.isPaused(); Reveal.isAutoSliding();

The Reveal object exposes a JavaScript API for controlling navigation and reading state: