Weather Map

Not really a __Weather Map__ but more of a Meme Map. We use this term to picture visually the form of green screen presentation we are looking to create for the Home Studio Network.

# Software We are looking to create live interactive maps - that focus on ideas that are being written about in wiki, but can be generalised to other visualisation. We look to be able to produce a short weather map video of todays writing in the federation, or this weeks writing.

The software will initially use graphviz, but the code we write will be independent of graphviz and deal mainly with extracting the write data structures from the federation for the visualisation.

We aim to provide this data to a range of visualisation tools like TouchDesinger and related 3D tools for mixed reality applications.

# Podcast

We aim to start with green screen videos, and story telling, inviting people to the podcasts in the expectation that some people will be interested in the experiment and look to create their own visualisations, or join in with software development work.

# Dependency visualisation

One of the weather map visualisations will be of code dependencies. We will focus on the higher level concepts, and how these relate to prototypes written in javascript and Livecode, but we expect to cover a range of software development projects we are interested in. The weather map aims to link communities that are working on software projets closer to the design process.