Word Cloud

A tag cloud (__word cloud__ or __wordle__ or __weighted list__ in visual design) is a novelty visual representation of text data, typically used to depict tag (metadata) on websites, or to visualize free form text- wikipedia

- Qualitative Charts - Word clouds in R - data-to-viz.com

Qualitative Charts give us views of data that can be informative, but also misleading or simply eye-candy. - medium.com

While a word cloud may not be the best representation it is a good starting point for creating a compact and visually pleasing form of visual summary.

Monkey Learn provides an interface for keyword extraction and World Cloud which can be exported as an svg - Word Cloud Demo

We can imagine overcoming some of the issues with word clouds by using the automatically created svg's by hand. In this way we can tweak word size and colour and add new keywords as well as providing hyperlinks.

The image above was created using the: - MonkeyLearn API - Word Cloud API - d3-cloud - Topigraphy

The important think here is the underlying data. We can store the keywords as a structured json file which we visualise in different ways. Improving the text analysis, and improving the visualisation techniques can evolve over time - wiki style.

# Word cloud cli

There is a good python library available which is relatively up to date and can be used from the cli: - https://github.com/amueller/word_cloud

- Heavy Metal and Natural... - degeneratestate.org - amueller/word_cloud: A... - github.com

# Word Clouds in R

- Wordcloud – from Data to Viz - data-to-viz.com

# See also - Kaggle